Summer with DSC UMass

Summer with DSC UMass is an independent initiative to get students into open source through mentorship for those who lost their internships for summer 2020 due to the pandemic. As a student all you have to do is submit a pull request to add your name to our repository on github.

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Illustration of diversity in our developer community

Brief Overview

Summer with DSC UMass hopes to introduce students to open source through our open source projects whether that is building tools to help other clubs or building an open source machine learning versioning platform or even developing a programming langauge. We hope to help students learn Git/Github, learning about deploying and developing scalable web applications and software.


We have plenty of student mentors who have a lot of experience with building scalable and data intensive applications especially in the open source domain. We are also reaching out to alumni to get their help and guidance on projects. Further, the larger open soure community which includes other DSC clubs help us build great software too!

Getting Involved

There is no formal application to get involved with the program. We want to help student is this tragic time and are trying are best to get everyone involved. To participate all you have to do is submit a pull request to our repository on Github to add your name to the partipant list. More details here. Once you submit a pull request and it is approved, we will reach out to you and discuss potentially interesting projects and add you to our slack workspace to continue open source work!